Facebook Profile View Notification 2022 (Full Guide)

Most of us use Facebook on a day-day basis and do a lot of activities like chatting or posting videos. Sometimes we get curious about our profile visitors. In this piece of content, we will discuss the methods to find your Facebook profile view notification aka who visited your profile.

People stalk other people Facebook profile most people want to be aware of who is visiting them, for security reasons or general awareness. We got several methods with help of these you can find out all you want about the profile visiting.

Does Facebook profile view notification work?

No, Facebook does not provide that option, you can’t tell who looked at your profile. However Facebook collects a huge amount of data including the visitors to your profile and keeps it private for users’ privacy, but there is a platform that offers this ability to view your profile visitors, a platform like LinkedIn. One of the most search queries on the web is to find profile visitors. People can have their own reason, some want to grow their profile by knowing their visiting audience.

Does Facebook profile view notification work?

Business Profiles can also get benefited from this feature because they design or organize a lot of work by simply knowing their audience. As I told you already Facebook does not offer an option to view profiles but some technical methods to find out the profile visitors.

However, LinkedIn is the platform that offers profile views and the details of people search your name. When anyone visited your profile on LinkedIn will send you the notification.

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Method 1: Chrome Extension

1. Super Viewer for Facebook: Google Chrome extension

The Google Chrome Extension safe and secure, this extension is provided by ABP interactive and will help you find out profile visitor with no hassle but this also comes with some limitation like this extension only collect information of the visitor who had installed chrome extension in the browser. If they didn’t have the extension installed you won’t see them on your visitor list even if they visited you.

Super Viewer for Facebook

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the website and click on Install.
  • Log in to Facebook with your credentials, click on the extension icon, and the menu will popup.
  • Click on Visitor, a list of visitors will popup.

2. Social profile view notification: Google Chrome extension

Social profile view notification

Another way is also through chrome extension which offered by FBpv.info and this one is a little advance, it doesn’t require other people to install it on their chrome browser this one just fine. This can show you visiting in detail like who sees your photos/videos and your messenger profile.

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Google Chrome Store.
  • Enter in the Search bar “Super Viewer for Facebook”.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • Log in to Facebook with your credentials, click on your profile picture and you will see a “visitor” option.
  • Click on Visitor, a list of visitors will popup.

Method 2: App for the devices

1. Facebook profile View notification Android

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The app is available on the internet name “Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Stalkers Visitors” most of the reviews tend to be good and seem to be reliable app. It’s one of the intuitive apps with small size. All over it shows the result.

  • Download the application. Use the links to find and downloads the original copy of the app.
  • Install the on your android device.
  • Open the app, you have to login into your Facebook account. This app does have privacy protection but carefully read all the permission before allowing them.
  • This app will provide all kinds of insights for Facebook profiles. You can also see the comments directly here and see the list of people who visited the profile in the near time.

2. Facebook profile View notification iPhone

Another application is available for IOS Users called Social Fans App you can check in your app store. It provides a variety of statics and analytics of Facebook profiles. It can manage your comment if you want and see people who visited your profile. This app comes with an intuitive interface.

Also, we can integrate it with platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

  • Go to the app store.
  • Download the application from the store and install it on the device.
  • Open the application and will ask for some permission, if you are comfortable they agree.
  • But this the paid version of the app.
  • The app starts working as soon as you chose the subscription and make the payment. Now you can have a list of people who visited your profile.
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Since this app is on the Apps store we don’t have to worry about the functionality.


In this method you will have to chrome browser, you can find the Id of different visitors on your profile source page. But try to use chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.


  • Go to the Facebook profile.
  • Click on the page anywhere, now right-click and select the view page source or simply press Ctrl+U.
  • The source page will open and press Ctrl+F.
  • Type ‘Initialchatfriendslist’ without the quotes in the box.
  • Now you will see the ID of the people visiting your profile.
  • Copy all the IDs, enter these IDs in front of  http://www.facebook.com/XXXXXXXXXXX.
  • It will open the profile of the visitors.


All the methods are quite good depends on what suitable for you and what method you want to use, some are a little bit exhausting and others are perfectly fine to use.

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