Real-Time Subscriber Counts Added In YouTube Channel Dashboard

YouTube Updated the channel studio dashboard with a new feature, real-time channel subscriber counts which eliminate the need for creators to use third-party tools to access the same data.

This feature will allow the creators to see the number of visitors who subscribe to their channel that fully updates in real-time. This type of data was not accessible to the creators through YouTube before, so the creator had to rely on third-party tools for viewing the real-time subscriber analytics.

From this update, the analytical data will be available for the creator to access in the Analytical tab of the studio dashboard. In order to access the live data click on “see live count” in the real-time card and it will provide you with subscriber number analytics at any given point.

Now, this feature is long-awaiting since the creators requesting this feature for a long time and now the creator can access the behavior of the subscription count to their channel. Below that rel time counter their analytics graph the tells you the total number of subscriber count.

YouTube is integrating the animation to celebrate the event like when your channel hit subscriber milestones like 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, and 10M. Or they calyculate the milestone and collect data to measure the success of the channel like, they can measure the subscriber number on a particular day of the last year and compare the growth previous of past year.

More Updates For Creators

YouTube Introduce another additional update in their weekly news update with real-time subscriber update. The update called “Known Issues” On Studio Mobile. YouTube added the “Known Issues” card On Studio Mobile.

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But this card only available on the Youtube Studio mobile app, it will keep the creator inform about any kind of disruption in their workflow like maybe some error that prevents the uploading or the bug in the data.

Whenever the features are not working correctly in the creator studio this card will inform you immediately and prevent any issue to your experience.

The Shopping Experiment

YouTube is experimenting with the feature that allows the users to buy the product as they see the product in the video. YouTube can identify and fetch the information about the product showcase in the video and display it on the shopping website.

YouTube has already experimented with the feature in the past and creators were asked to tag the product in the video for the integration. Bloomberg reported about the long-term focus of YouTube for becoming a more shopping-based website.

United States users might be already seeing more links of the product and shopping pages integrated with the video. Channel has full control over the participation in the experiment, creator can simply not choose and tag the product if they want to be in the experiment.

Source: Creator Insider

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