LinkedIn Saved Jobs: Find and Manage the Jobs

Do you have faced problems with maintaining a regular job? Most of the professional have lost the job in the recent pandemic crises while the other may be working full time with half salary.

When we talk about finding a much more interesting job with a higher salary. LinkedIn offers the platform that provides millions of qualified profiles of the candidate and of employers, almost over 30 million companies are on the platforms for candidate hunts around the globe.

LinkedIn provides many useful features that help professional profiles to connect with the global market. Since this available, all the HR of companies use these tools for finding the right candidate. You can filter with salary, industry, and desired profile.

One of the major features of the LinkedIn platform is “LinkedIn Saved Job” which is under the Jobs section which will help you through this feature.

How to Open LinkedIn Saved Jobs?

Saving a LinkedIn Saved job is easy as two simple clicks. You need to follow the following steps:

  • On the homepage of the profile, click on “Jobs” in the top navigation bar.
Open LinkedIn Saved Jobs
  • Now, click on the “My Jobs” button on the left side of the screen.
My Jobs
  • You will see the list of Saved Jobs.

How to Apply for Saved Jobs?

Click on the three vertical dots of the Saved job and the drop-down menu will open as shown below in the screenshot, click on it to proceed.

Apply for Saved Jobs

How to Delete the Saved Jobs?

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In order to remove the job from “Saved Job”, Click On the three vertical dots, and the drop-down menu will open as shown below in the screenshot, click on the “Unsave” button to remove the saved job.Delete the Saved Jobs

Can Recruiters and Employers See My Saved Jobs on LinkedIn Platform?

The answers for both are complete No, the LinkedIn saved job feature does not allow the recruiter or employers to notice any saved jobs, you can bookmark it and apply for it, the other will not know anything about it.

Since there may some notification but I would not say that these are signals to the recruiters. The reason causes the recruiters are going to look for actual applications of candidates from their search before looking for Who saved a job. Also, most brands have only one employee for managing the LinkedIn account.

So, all the LinkedIn application activities are completely private and are not visible to your connection on the platform.

Can’t Find Saved Jobs on the LinkedIn App?

Since the LinkedIn Platform or their website available on several operating systems like Android or IOS. Below we are going to discuss the Saved Jobs option in the android app and the other IOS options are almost similar.

  • Firstly you have to install the LinkedIn Android app on the device. Create the account and Sign in.
Can't Find Saved Jobs on the LinkedIn App
  • Now open the LinkedIn app and you will see the Jobs option on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Jobs options and Click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the search bar.
See my jobs
  • The menu will open with the options, click on the “See my jobs“.
saved jobs list
  • All the saved jobs list will open on the screen.
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How to Delete the Saved Jobs From the LinkedIn Platform?

  • Maybe these saved jobs do not suit you so to remove the saved job, you need to go saved jobs section and click on the three vertical buttons.
Delete the Saved Jobs From the LinkedIn Platform
  • As you click, the “Unsave” option will be in the menu.
  • To delete the job from the list, click on the “Unsave” button.

How to Save and Find LinkedIn Post?

Sometimes what happens is you scrolling through the LinkedIn home feed, you see some article or post that you would love to read and share but for some reason, you don’t have time, so you decide to read it for later. How do you do this?

LinkedIn always comes up with a feature that people would love, so they have provided the option to save the post for later. The process is very simple and can work on both mobile and website only consist of simple steps:

  • Go to the post you want to save and click on the three horizontal dots.
Save and Find LinkedIn Post
  • The drop-down menu will open and Select the Save button to save the post.
Save button
  • Now navigate to the Job option, where you will find the Saved Posts option.
  • In the saved post option, you will find the saved item like articles and posts.

How to Find Saved Posts On LinkedIn Mobile?

  • Go to the post you want to save and click on the Drop arrow.
  • The drop arrow will open up the menu and select the Save option.
Find Saved Posts On LinkedIn Mobile
  • Now, tap on the profile and click on the view profile option.
  • Scroll Down, you will see my item option.
my item option.
  • Select the item and the post list will open.
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These are things and task you can do with the LinkedIn Saved Job feature that the platform provides for the professional and companies.
Follow the blog post carefully and you will understand the real use of this feature.
If you have more queries comment down below for an instant reply.

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