How To Bookmark In Google Docs?

If you wish to find information in a document easily and quickly, you should know how to bookmark it in Google Docs. Unfortunately, most have difficulty finding the exact information they were reading earlier. Although with a bit of searching, you may manage to find it, this could take a great deal of time and effort. However, bookmarking the information can save you all the hassles.

Similarly, you can also bookmark documents on Google Docs. It’s as simple as A-B-C. All you need to do is open Google Docs, click the location where you want the bookmark, and click insert and bookmark. Anybody can create a bookmark on Google Docs. You do not have to be a technical genius to do so.

What Is A Bookmark?

If you love to read books, you will know what bookmarks are in reality. For those who do not know, a bookmark helps you find the page you were reading earlier. It saves you the trouble of searching through the book to locate the page where you stopped reading.

The same concept applies to a digital bookmark. You can save the web page you’d like to visit later or a passage in a document as a bookmark. It will save you the hassle of searching through various websites and information.

Benefits Of A Bookmark

Most of you may wonder why to go through the trouble of bookmarking a web page when you can search for it later. Although this is true to some extent, searching for a specific web page in an ocean full of websites may take time and effort. If you bookmark your favorite web page, you can quickly locate it whenever necessary.

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Similarly, searching for a specific section in a document may take time if you have several Google Docs. Again, bookmarking it on Google Docs will enable you to find it quickly whenever needed.

How To Bookmark In Google Docs?

First, you must remember that bookmarks are unavailable in Google Slides or Google Sheets. However, if you wish to bookmark a document in Google Docs, you must follow some straightforward steps.

  • Open the Google document that you wish to bookmark.
  • Click the location where you want the bookmark.
  • Click on Insert
  • Select Bookmark

If you wish to remove a document from your list of bookmarks, click on Remove.


Making a bookmark is essential if you do not wish to waste time searching for the relevant information at a later date. If you love to read books, you will know about a bookmark and the benefits of using one. 

The same concept is possible on your computer. You can bookmark the information you need if you have multiple-page documents on Google Docs. This will help you save time and effort in searching for it. It is also elementary to make bookmarks in Google Docs.

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