Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed 2021 - [Fixed]

Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

The Instagram user tends to use the platform due to its wide variety of the post that you constantly scroll through the feed, you like the content cause its completely personalized and curated according to your needs and interest.

As you scroll through the Instagram feed get updates with new content automatically which is perfectly working all the time, but sometimes when you look for a new post and scroll down to refresh the feed Instagram gives this "couldn’t refresh feed" message, due to this you might not able access the Instagram for some time.

In this piece of content, we will discuss what you can do to get over the error message. Below are the steps you can follow in order to solve the issue.

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Fixing Instagram "Couldn't Refresh Feed" Error

What is Couldn't Refresh Feed Error?

Whenever we want to solve the problem, we always look for the root cause to use right tools to easily tackle it. So to tackle "Couldn't Refresh Feed" Instagram error message on the Instagram app, we need the exact reason for solving the error message.

Cause of the error:

  • May the internet is not working correctly on the device.
  • You need to update the Instagram app from Store.
  • Sometime error cause is due to the use of VPN or DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Network Mobile data is limited.

So, how we can solve the issue of these problem.

1. Internet Connection Problem

Most of the time the main issue of this problem is internet connection, whenever you face this problem immediately check the internet connection by the troubleshooting.

Internet Connection Problem

Make sure that your Mobile or WiFi is properly connected, sometimes due to the weak internet connection the Instagram show this kind of error on the screen. So try to browse a video or a page in the browser for testing purposes, if the video or page is kept on loading this is the cause of a weak signal.

Try to use the Instagram later if you can or switch between the mobile data or WiFi data to better speed.

Internet data limit is the technique to put the data on limitation, if you frequently face this issue then it is due to the data limit, as you consume the data of the time period, the internet connection gets limited automatically.

Multiple network connected when multiple connection get on the network they consume some data bandwidth and hence the connection gets slow over time due to which Instagram shows the error.

2. Signing out of the Instagram app

Signing out of the Instagram account then logging back in is the universal solution for the problem to be fixed. Try logging out from the Instagram app.

  • Open the Instagram in the smartphone and Tap on the profile icon on right bottom corner of the screen.
  • You will be on Profile Page.
  • Click on the three vertical line on top right corner.
  • Click on the Logout button.
  • Now Login back and see if the error is gone.

3. Update the App

Sometime the error occur due to the outdated app version of Instagram or maybe some policy change, so it become important to update the app. You can also browse the web app of Instagram and then check if there policy change.

4. Try Some Other Device

Try out some other devices for the testing purpose. Use the Instagram on a phone, tablet, or even on a PC. Test if the error persist in the PC operating system.

Also, Facebook allow the Instagram users to use the creator studio in order to upload the any content or surf the feed. You have to have a business account to use the creator studio.

5. Multiple Hashtag Error

Several users complained about "couldn’t refresh feed" error due to the double hashtags created by others people in comment section. Like the some inappropriately symbol or double tags that make app dis-function. In order to make this thing function, you need login through other device and delete the tag or comment.

6. Report to Instagram

When all these option are not able to solve the issue, report the bug to Instagram, this bug can only solved by the developer. Below are the steps to the same.

  • Go to the Instagram app in Play Store.
  • Then Go to Review.
  • Click on the Document Icon.
  • Tap on Report the Problem.

Now you can create or write an email to developer describing your problem and they will get in touch to resolve the issue.

Done, Comment below if you have question!

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