How To Find Deleted Tweets From Twitter Platform?

Do you check your social media every single hour for new information about the world, particularly about the news content?

If Yes then you probably use social media like Twitter for getting updates and why not twitter it has emerged as one of the most fast-growing social media that delivers trending news and famous tweets to people.

Now majorly users tweet on Twitter to share their opinion with a limited letter, and if the message is powerful enough one single tweet can change many aspects, it can also affect your thoughts about that topic.

Sometimes the viral tweets contain gossips or information that you want to read but you missed it and later it got deleted or maybe the deleted tweets tag you with some information that you want to recover. Since twitter itself does not allow and provide an official way to view and recover the deleted tweets.

So if the tweet source mentions you will get a notification from the original tweet and if later the original tweet poster deletes the tweet your notification will also get deleted. Now there is some method that is used to view the deleted tweet, these methods do not provide full privacy and data security.

There is some secure method that you can use to find and recover the deleted tweets and you can follow the step below:

Find Deleted Tweets

#1. Way-back Machine

In order to find the deleted tweets, we have to go to the Internet Archive, aka way-back Machine Website. Whatever the tweets you want to find just enter the profile URL and select the date range, the archived page will open up the profile for viewing the old deleted tweets.

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Follow the steps to do the same:

Way-back Machine
  • Enter the Twitter Profile link whose tweets for which you want to find.
  • Now hit the browse button on the page.
  • Select the desired date from the tweet posted to tweet deleted.
  • The Wayback machine recorded page will be highlighted with color.
Apple Twitter
Credit: Apple Twitter
  • Click on one of the highlight colors and you will see the deleted tweets with photos.

#2. Twitter Archives

Twitter Archive contains the tweets that had been deleted. You have to request Twitter to download the archive. Just go to setting then account> archive and then request download.

Twitter Archives

Download the tweets from the list of deleted and archived tweets, the list that will occur will be the result on the basis of quires you put in. The list will be sorted by the date you inserted, you can navigate through the list of the tweets and select to see whatever you looking for on the profile.

#3. is a website that offers to feature users to find the deleted tweets for someone’s account. You have to enter the profile username on the website. The next screen will show the deleted tweets of the profile that you entered.

This website information is not official things since the data security of the site can be questionable and no big cooperation backs it with reliability.

#4. Google Cache

We can also find the removed tweets from the cache storage that Google Store when indexing any website, just follow below:

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Google Cache
  • As the SERPs show up, click on the down arrow icon located on the right of the URL of the Twitter Profile.
  • Now click on the “Cached” to open the deleted tweets from the cached version of the profile.
Rajat Official Twitter
  • With the same process, we can also able to locate the deleted tweets from the other profile very easily.

Disclaimer: Since this method is based on the cached version of the original, it also depends on the Google storage the cache of the original tweets, and your browser cache also, make sure you haven’t removed or cleared the cache of the browser.

#5. SnapBird

This website provides the platform from that you can revisit the old tweets, search for them and order them in a particular sequence also can check the comments and number of retweets. Unfortunately, you can not load the deleted tweets and you would need other apps to check that information.

Recover Deleted Image Content Tweets From Twitter

When we discuss the image content, there is a slight possibility that every picture you upload on Twitter, provides the users with a separate URL for the image content they publish like show in the below screenshot.

Deleted Image Content Tweets

This is one way to find the deleted graphic content of the tweets, but you should have those URLs saved.


You can follow any method and technique from the above in order to find the deleted tweets. Method that shown above included some apps, platforms, and internet archive.

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I have also shown the recovery of the graphic content that users post on Twitter. If you have any questions then post them in the comment section.

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