[Updated] How To Watch Private YouTube Video 2021/2022 – With FAQ


Do you want to watch a Private YouTube Video that is not available by the up-loader publicly or does sometimes you get frustrated for not being able to watch the private listed video?

YouTube Platforms have all kinds of good content and it gets shared on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter all the time, but after a period of time, some videos get privately listed by up-loader.

So we will discuss the reasons for making a video a private or unlisted list or some method from which we can access these private videos and technical issues you might face.

Reason You Can’t Watch Private YouTube Video

  • Publisher or Content Creator uploads the video and sets them to Private or unlisted. However YouTube allows you to watch the unlisted video if someone shares the link of that video the same goes with a private video, but here the up-loader has to provide you the permission through email to access the video.
  • The private video does not get recommended in search results on Google or YouTube not even in suggestions of the other videos, so you really can not search for it even if you know the exact title of that video.
  • Also, Whenever the creator uploads the video and makes it private, the subscriber will not get notified by YouTube. This feature majorly helps the brands to set up their video campaign for the product promotion without any hassle.
  • Due to this feature, the publisher has privacy about their content on a Social platform. So when the publisher wants they will provide the access to the employees of the team only. This can be used as a team project kept private until ready for the public.

Unlisted Video

An unlisted video is not as secure or private as a private listed video, these videos also do not appear in a search result or video suggestion on YouTube. In order to watch the unlisted video, the publisher will have to share the link to the video directly.

If you want to watch the unlisted video, you just have to gain access to the link either by getting it from the publishers.

You might be wondering what the majot difference between Private & Unlisted video in youtube platform for that you can understand more about Private Vs Unlisted article.

Watch Private YouTube Video With Full Access

  • In this, you have to gain full access to YouTube videos with the help of permission granted by the up-loader.
  • The uploader manually adds you to the list of allowed people to access these private videos.
  • So you have to contact the private YouTube video uploader and them with your Google account to gain access through email.
  • Now, open the mailbox and tap on the email from the uploader.
  • As you open the email, You will see a YouTube icon with three horizontal dots. Click on that icon, you will be directed to YouTube to play the video.
  • If the publisher does not want you to have access then you can try another method.
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Can not watch a Private video with the link provided by the up-loader? Below might be the reason.

  • YouTube Account should be login to view the video.
  • The Video link that is shared by the owner might be expired.
  • Multiple accounts on the YouTube Platform.

Watch Private YouTube Video Without Full Access

In order to watch the private video without asking permission from the publisher, just follow the methods below:

  • Locate the private video on YouTube that you want to watch.
  • Remove the watch? from the URL.
  • The resulted URL will be https://www.youtube.com/v=1mCPkutk4wg&list=LL&index=46.
  • Tap the Enter Key.
  • When do you remove the watch? it will unlock the video and it will open in the full window without Logging in to your YouTube account.

Disclaimer: This might not work with some users.

Watch Private YouTube Video Without Sign In

Sometimes we watch a video on YouTube and then later their up-loader makes them privately listed. How can we watch the video in that case, below are the step to follow.

  • We can use some software name Video Cache view, now this software will allow you to watch the video using your cache file. Every time you watch the video it gets stored in your cache.
  • Now, this video will be in the format of MPEG-Dash.
  • You have to convert the video file into the format of MP4 using any convert online.
  • Through the Video Cache View Utility, we can watch the private video.


Can you watch YouTube videos anonymously?

People Try to search YouTube videos on Tor through DuckDuckGo and it will show a warning before proceeding to watch the video. It says

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“YouTube (owned by Google) does not let you watch videos anonymously. As such, watching YouTube videos here will be tracked by YouTube/Google.”

And then it asks to watch the video “on YouTube” or Click “Here”. As you proceed the question which arises what does exactly mean by “Does not let you watch videos anonymously”?

So this warning is coming from the search engine DuckDuckGo, which means that the browser you are using needs to connect to YouTube even if you decide to watch the video “Here”(On the search engine itself).

Now you are using TOR, which hides your IP from both YouTube and DuckDuckGo. This warning is usually for users who are not using TOR.

YouTube does not forbid TOR Users, you can watch the video anonymously.
Google and YouTube are still ty to track the TOR Users, like the way you interact with YouTube, patterns, and behaviors, or maybe you simply log in with a normal account, then, of course, Google tracks those activities as well.

Is there any way to watch private or deleted YouTube videos?

The above methods are sufficient to watch the private YouTube video, but if you want to watch the deleted YouTube video, you can use the Wayback machine to search the video.
Below are the steps:

Go to the internet archive aka the way back machine which is https://archive.org/.
Type the YouTube video URL in the Search box of the Wayback Machine.
Select the Date and Time of the video and click on the screenshot you want.
And YouTube will open and you can watch the desired video.

Can A Private YouTube Video Gets a Copyright strike?

There are two types of copyright strikes on YouTube videos one is manually(done by content owners) or the other one is by the content ID system which is created by YouTube to detect copyright music and other copyright stuff.
There are little few chances that the private video can also get a copyright Strike from the automated system. There is no chance that you will get a copyright strike from the content owner, cause your video is private.

Why I Cannot Watch My Private Video On YouTube App?

For mobile users, you simply cannot watch your private videos on the YouTube app in order to do so you have to install a YouTube studio app.

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Now once you install and login into the app, use your videos option, in that section, you will see all the videos in private videos.

But when you click on the private video to watch it, that video will play by switching back to the YouTube app and you will see the video error with the code [400].
The error is there due to the privacy setting, in this case, the easiest way to watch the video go back to the YouTube studio app and switch that private video to an unlisted video.
Although if you want to be private for that video always remember to switch back to private after watching the video.

Why Can’t I See My Own YouTube Videos That I Have Set As Private?

1. Sometimes when you upload up private video it shows that you are the only one who can see it, for some reason if you got three-plus copyright Strikes, YouTube will restrict you to watch that video and you have to take down that video or otherwise, YouTube will never permit you do post any other video.
Your channel might also get banned or terminated, the video which is private is also risky for the channel if it got a copyright Strike.  

2. If that private video goes public by accident YouTube might strike the channel, so always change your default upload settings so that whenever you upload a video it is always set to private video by default.
You can always change that private video to the public anytime manually whenever you really want to publish that video.
3. The other thing to do is to clear the cookies, change the device or refresh your internet connection, sometimes these issues prevent a video from a YouTube dashboard.

Can A Private Video On YouTube Have Copyrighted Music On It?

If I answer in one line I would say that you cannot have a piece of copyrighted music on a private video… YouTube content ID systems can easily detect all the copyright music on all types of videos.

However, if you want to use that particular music, YouTube has arranged a deal for you which is you can use the copyright music, only if the music owner agrees and wants to have a percentage of monetization revenue on the video.

Done! Please Comment down below if you have questions.

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