[Updated] Add An Image To A Gmail Signature 2022

Do you ever wonder how to add an image to a Gmail signature? If the answer is yes, then we have all the information you need to add a picture to your Gmail. Gmail is used by a wide number of people globally. And everybody wants to have their unique email signature, which is totally possible with a Gmail account.

To add an image to a Gmail signature, go to the Settings in your Gmail account. Click on the See All Settings option, and select the relevant Gmail address. In the Signatures section, select Create New and click on the Insert Image icon in the editor. Upload the image from your computer or storage drive, or insert an image URL. The image will appear in the editor where you can adjust its size accordingly.

In order to create the email signature, you can simply upload the particular icon or picture from your computer, or you can upload the image from your Google Drive account.

How to Add an Image to a Gmail Signature

Inserting the image in the Gmail signature is really easy as simply upload an image so below are the steps you can follow:

  • Open Gmail and log in to the relevant account.
  • Click on the Gears icon (Settings) located at the upper right corner of the screen.
How to add an image to a Gmail signature
  • Then from the menu, it shows See all settings.
  • Settings will open up. If you haven’t set up a signature, scroll down and click on Create New. If you already have a signature saved, then simply select it.
  • If you set up multiple Gmail Addresses to send emails then you will see all those email addresses in the list here. Select the particular email address from the dropdown menu for which you want to create an Image Signature.
How to add an image to a Gmail signature
  • For the creation of a new signature, you need to enter the name and then click on Create button.
  • After this, you will see various options in the Signature Editor. Select the Image icon to upload your image.
  • A new Add an Image dialog box will open, where you can upload the image from My Drive or insert an Image URL.
  • Select the option of Drag a file here to insert the image.
Resize the Image
  • After the insertion of the image into the signature, you can simply resize it by changing the size from Small, Medium, Large, Original size.
select Save Changes
  • Now you can simply scroll down from the screen and select Save Changes.
  • Now you have successfully inserted the image and every time you send an email that photo will appear as a signature.
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How To Add Link To Image In Gmail Signature

If you want to add a hyperlink to the image you can easily do that in the emails, just follow the steps below.

  • To add a link to the image select the image but dragging the cursor over it and the image will be highlighted with blue transparent selection.
  • Secondly, click on the link icon in the editor tool strip.
How To Add Link To Image In Gmail Signature
  • As you click on the icon a new dialogue box will open where you can simply insert the web address.
  • Add the URL including https:// in the box.
  • Click on Ok and you will see the image will become a hyperlink.
  • After the whole process done is scroll down to the screen and click on Save Changes.
  • Done

Make The Individual Signature On The Go

Sometimes users want to make different Gmail signatures for different emails they are writing you can easily do that, by following the steps below, you will able to create separate image signatures while creating the email for uniqueness.

  • Open the Gmail account, and compose an email as you complete the email writing, type two hyphens ‘–‘ to insert the image.
Make The Individual Signature On The Go
  • Below those hyphens, you can type your signature information like your name and address.
Upload the Image
  • Now Click on the empty space where you want the image to be inserted and then in the lower options available click on the upload image icon, the one with the image icon.
Insert Photo dialog box
  • The Insert Photo dialog box will appear, from there select the image upload it from the computer, and then choose Insert.
Resize the Image
  • To resize the image, grab the corner of the image and then drag it across the screen. Although you can also choose options that provided like a Small, Best fit, and Original size button.
  • Done now you can easily create different photo signatures for separate emails.
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How To Add Image To Gmail Signature Without URL

So sometimes when you create an email signature for a particular Gmail account it does not allow you to upload images from the computer. Due to which you simply upload the image on some third-party cloud storage and then take that URL to upload the image in the email signature.

Due to the uploading of images from URLs, sometimes what happens is your signature image will not visible in the receiver emails. This could be for various reasons but the major one is that your image URL is not public for others to be visible.

So what the solution for this problem, simply follow the steps:

  • Firstly, you have to compose a new email and in that email, you have to upload your image signature from the computer.
How To Add Image To Gmail Signature Without URL
  • After the uploading of the image in the email, sends that email back to your email address.
  • Now as you receive the email in the inbox, open that email and Select the Image signature, copy it by pressing CTRL+ C.
Image signature
  • Navigate to Settings, then to your Signature settings, and simply paste the copied email signature image in the section.
  • Scroll down click on Save Changes.
  • Done

How To Add Image To Gmail Signature On Android

Like most users, these days use Gmail on their Android devices so in this section we will discuss how you can add an image to your Gmail signature on your Gmail app. Below are the steps to follow.

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There are things to keep in mind, In the Android Gmail app you can only add text email signature causes it does not support images or even HTML image signatures.

  • Open the Gmail app on the smartphone.
Gmail app
  • Tap on three horizontal lines located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select Setting.
  • Select the Gmail account for which you want to add the Gmail signature.
Mobile signature.
  • Scroll down up to the General option and then select Mobile signature.
  • And there you can add your Signature name and click on Ok.
How To Add Image To Gmail Signature On Android
  • And if you want to remove that signature name just simply delete that name and click on Ok.
  • Done.

How To Add Image To Gmail Signature On iPhone

Most iPhone users also want to add images to Gmail signature on their iPhone or iOS. Simply follow the below steps.

  • Open the Gmail app on the iPhone.
  • Tap on the menu in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select the Setting option.
  • It will ask you to choose from the multiple accounts choose the account for which you want to add a Gmail signature.
  • Select the Signature option.
  • Switch off the mobile Signature setting.
  • Tap Ok.
  • Go to your browser and Open the Gmail account.
  • From there Go to the Setting.
  • Keep on the General setting.
  • Scroll down up to the Signature section.
  • Upload your signature image.
  • Scroll down to the screen and click on save.
  • Done.


Setting up a unique email signature will set you apart from the crowd. And it’s easy to amend your Gmail signature according to your preferences. Knowing how to add an image to a Gmail signature, gives you the advantage of including cool graphics and photos in your signature.

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