How To Import/Export Your Tumblr Blog Into WordPress Website

In this piece of content, we are going to discuss how you can create in the backup of your Tumblr blog and import it into your or (Popular CMS system).

A little-known fact that Tumblr is now owned by WordPress.

You can follow the below steps to complete the process.

1. Open The WordPress Dashboard

As you login into your WordPress dashboard, you will have the menu on the left side of the sidebar. Click on the tools option in the sidebar and then import. After clicking the import button you will have several options from where you can directly import the content on your WordPress website.

Tumblr installer

One of the several options is going to be a Tumblr installer, install that Tumblr installer. The Tumblr installer will get installed, and you will have the option of a “Run Importer”. Simply click on the option, now you will be directed to the Import Tumblr page.

2. Import From Tumblr

Import From Tumblr

You will have the link to Tumblr Page where you will find two things:

  • OAuth Consumer Key.
  • Secret Key.

Follow the below steps:

  • Tap on the Green Button “Register Application” button.
Register Application button.
  • Enter the “Application Name”, “Application Website”, and “Default Callback URL” fields. All the rest can be left blank.
  • Always insert the exact URL in both the column.
  • As you registered with Tumblr you will have both the keys, copy the keys, and paste in the WordPress Dashboard in the right column.

3. Tumblr Access

After inserting the keys, click on connect to Tumblr, you might need to login into your account if you have not already logged in, allow access to or your website.

4. Begin Importing

Once you have provided complete access to your Tumblr blog on your WordPress dashboard you just have to click on import this blog.

And you are done, WordPress CMS system will Completely automate the process and will create a copy and backup of your content on your WordPress CMS website.

Export Tumblr Blog To Zip File

Tumblr allows its creators to export all the content that they have published on their blogs into a Zip file for the downloading purpose.

In order to start the process first you have to login into your Tumblr account:

  • Click on the “Setting button” under the account menu at the top of the dashboard.
Setting button
  • Select the blog that you want to export, which you will find on the right side of the page.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Export” button.
Export button.
  • Now Tumblr will start processing the blog, and the processing message will be displayed, and as the process completes it will be replaced by the “Download Backup” button.
  • Click on this download button to download the zip file.
Download Backup
  • If you have multiple blocks and you want their backup you have to do that separately.
  • The files that you will get with the backup:
    • HTML file of each post including grabs private post flag post and another post that you have hidden.
    • Any media content that you uploaded on the platform like MP3, MP4, and any images like PNG and JPG.
    • All the conversations of messaging and children in XML format.
    • Block post representation in XML format.



How Can I Download All Images From A Tumblr Blog?

First of all, to download the image, the blog has to be public if the blog is private downloading images bit tricky because you cannot fetch the image there are so many third-party software and online tools on the internet.
You can simply use a Tumblr image downloader it is one of the easiest ways to download the images. If you are a techie person you can also use Tumblr post API.
Buy the online images, you can also the image by using the HTML form body option.
You can simply use software like Tumblr repair software to download the images.

Can You Save Videos From Tumblr?

There are many tools that allow you to save videos from a tumbler with just a few clicks below are some solution the download videos from this platform on your window Mac iPhone and Android machine:

It comes to downloading the videos you can simply use video keeper it’s good after download the video later get access offline it also allows you to save videos online from the Tumblr platform via URL.
For the Android device, you have the “Video downloader – Tumblr” app. After installing the app, you can simply open the Tumblr app, browse a photo that you want to download, and share that particular photo with the “Tumblr video downloader” app.

Another website is SavedDo, Which allows users to download images easily, copy the URL of the video and paste it on the website and it will download the video.

Done, feel free to comment down below for more queries.

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