How To Hide Likes On Twitter 2022 – FAQ

If you’re wondering how to hide likes on Twitter, this post may be helpful. Twitter has a massive user base, with people always engaging with content by commenting, liking, and retweeting the tweets that they really enjoy.

But since Twitter is a social media platform, sometimes you get spam messages about the content you shared or liked. In that case, there are solutions that Twitter provides. You could use settings like “Protect your tweets”, “Add a muted word”, or simply remove liked tweets from your profile. By making your account private, you can get rid of many problems like visible tweets and restrict spamming.

So, below are the steps you can follow to hide likes on Twitter.

How to Hide Likes on Twitter for Desktop

Hide Likes On Twitter Desktop
  • Go to and log in with your credentials.
  • Click “More,” then select the “Setting and privacy” option.
  • Click on “Privacy and safety.”
  • Now under “Your Twitter activity,” select the “Audience and tagging” option.
  • Check the “Protect your Tweets” box.
  • Once you enable this feature, the lock on your account will prohibit specific actions. For example, if someone wants to follow you, you will receive a request to approve or deny it.
    • Note: Those accounts that followed you before you made your account private will still be able to interact with your tweets and see your likes unless you block them completely.

Your followers will not be able to use the “Retweet” feature to retweet a comment. Also, third-party search engines will not be able to index your tweets.

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How to Use Mute Keyword in the Twitter App

There is a feature available in the Twitter app called Mute Keyword. This feature can easily filter out certain types of tweets in the timeline. Follow the steps below to enable or implement the feature.

Use Mute Keyword In Twitter App
  • Go to the Twitter app on your smartphone.
  • Click on your profile picture located on the homepage.
  • Scroll down and select “Settings and privacy.”
  • Select the “Notifications” option in the menu.
  • Click on “Muted Words.”
  • Tap on the plus icon and add a muted word.
  • There are several words and phrases you can insert in the section to filter out the suggested tweets.
  • Now here are some examples of phrases you can add:
    • RankedOrganicTweet
    • suggest_activity_tweet
    • suggest_activity
    • suggested_grouped_tweet_hashtag
    • suggest_pyle_tweet
    • suggest_recycled_tweet
    • suggest_ranked_timeline_tweet

Removing Liked Tweets from Your Profile

In this method, you can “Unlike” or “Unfavorite” a tweet on your profile that you don’t want your followers to see.

  • Open the Twitter app.
  • Navigate to the profile page.
  • Now select the “like” section to open your profile’s likes over time.
  • Just hit the heart button for any tweet to unlike.
  • Done.


Unfortunately, social media is rife with unsolicited spam, bots, and fake accounts. And when you like a Tweet from a prominent account, these spammers may see your like and start messaging you. Therefore, keeping your liked Tweets hidden can be very beneficial. Simply follow the steps detailed above to hide likes on Twitter in no time.


If I Favorite a Tweet on Twitter, Will It Be Visible to My Followers?

Yes. If you favorite a tweet, the platform will show it to your followers and non-followers.
However, you can follow the above steps to make your liked tweets private and hide them from non-followers.
You can always mark tweets as your favorite, which will allow other users to see you liked the tweet. If you want to do this, you can follow the below steps:
1. Log in to your account.
2. Go to the “profile” tab and select “favorite” from the profile.
3. Now, hover over the tweet that you wish to hide with the cursor.
4. Tap on the “favorite” option to remove the tweet from the favorite list.

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