How To Private Message On Facebook: Full Guide

For most of the businesses coming online, Facebook is one of the greatest and biggest social media with almost two billion monthly active users with that said Facebook become the heated spot for businesses to interact with their customers effectively.

Now the question arises that “How To Private Message On Facebook” in order to communicate the service.

From big corporations to small businesses everyone is trying to increase the number of following of their fan-pages and groups. Most of the big ones hire digital marketing corporation to do so for them.

When you run a small business it important to build your own community, you can provide valuable knowledge related to your product, and later you can market your product. Since tools like Google Ads and Facebook ads is the top choice for marketers, you can also use these tools to increase your ROI.

You can either use the Facebook marketing tool which is paid to market to the audience of your Facebook page or you can simply send them a private message to the same.

Following is the information on how to send private messages on Facebook to anybody like business associates or your product customers.

It is very important to have a Facebook business page that should be authentic and provide support for customers who already bought the product. Now, let’s head towards how to private message on Facebook, and after we will discuss some other ways to communicate with the customers.

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How To Private Message On Facebook

A private message can be sent in many ways, most people prefer a mobile device for conversation. So for Facebook mobile, you are going to need a Facebook message cause it only allows messaging with the messenger.

Facebook messenger is more flexible with the conversation, provide with many options, and seemingly connect the conversation just like WhatsApp message immediately with no hassle.

Also, there are several autoresponders for Facebook messenger available in the market that really helpful for the full-fledged business and helps you to maintain a high volume of conversation with customers without your constant involvement. One of the tool names is Builderall which provide 40+ tools to drive the online business have a look if Builderall is worth investing in.

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Below are the steps to follow on sending a private message on Facebook Web-app on your desktop.

Private message for a Facebook profile on the desktop:

You can send a private message to the friends of the person who is not on your friend list.

  • Login to your Facebook profile in a browser like chrome.
  • If the private message you want to a person who is in your friend list navigate Home—-> Click on Messager.
Private message for a Facebook profile


  • After clicking on Messager a side window of messager will open where you can see the list of friends.
  • When you click on the profile you simply navigate to the person profile home if you want.
  • As you click on a person’s profile a small message window will popup where you can directly message that person privately.
  • This window will the information about your friend you chat with him.
  • You can easily send images, videos, emojis plus the various types of file formats like the pdf format of your product to that person.

The above procedure is for the friend’s list only but what happens when a person is not your friend.

  • Go to your Facebook profile which is your home
    e page and you will see a search box on the top-left corner.

    facebook home bar
  • Type the name of the person you want to send a message to, let say I type the “Christian bale” and the result will come up automatically.
  • The result will contain several posts, pages, groups, and people which is related to the keyword “Christian bale“.
Christian bale
  • You have to click on people in order to find the profile name, there are pages you can select if you want, when you click on people profile you will land up on the home page.
Christian bale profile
  • As you hover over the profile name you will see an icon of the messenger, you click on it and a messenger window will popup like before.
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Most of the famous personality has multiple duplicate profiles and some duplicate of common person too, either you have to know the full profile name of the person or profile picture. So when you communicating the message do it with the right person and beware of the fraud market.

The example above is not the real profile of Christian bale and as you can see in the screenshot, there are several profiles like that. I selected that just for teaching you the process.

Now you understand the process of how to private message on Facebook when you are using the desktop version of Facebook.

Private message for a Facebook profile on Mobile App:

Private message from the Facebook app is pretty straight forward you just need to install the apps.

To follow step-by-step you need to install the Facebook messenger app on the Android/IOS device.

  • When you install an app from the play store or Apps store, you need to sign in to the app with the login credential.
  • You can find the list of friends by navigating to the profile tab directly and you will be on your profile.
  • Scroll down you will see Friends > Click Friends.
  • A list of friends will come up and you will see a friend’s profile, navigate to anyone you want.
  • Below the Profile photo, there will be an option “message” click on that and you will navigate to Facebook messager.
  • If you installed the Facebook messager it is fine but if not then it will ask you to install it, you will find the interface quite similar to the web version of Facebook.
  • From this window, you can send images and audio, video and, much more.
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Private message communication in Facebook Group:

Most of the business they prefer Group chat cause they can communicate with the more at once and discuss the problems with the product. Now there two types of groups.

  • Public Group
  • Private Group

  • Public groups are whenever you post something in it will show to the rest of the timeline and other friends.
  • The private group is when you post something it stays inside the group, only group members can see the post.

Sometimes we have to discuss the product launch that we want to keep in the close community then close or private groups are the best option.

  • Firstly if you have your own group or you joined some other groups the whole process is the same.
Private message communication in Facebook Group:
  • Click On the Group Tab you will see the list of the group you joined.
  • Select the group name and the group will open.
  • Post the message you want in the edit section as seen in the screenshot.


Facebook has most of the user among the social media actives other social media giants comes after Facebook. Most of them offer a private conversation with no charges at all, so one of the greatest options for a high volume of conversation.

But in the past several year’s Facebook do have their data problems and duplicates and fake accounts because they do not verify the document proof during the account creation. Also, private chat windows are the best option to message a person privately, and later if you want you can add multiple people in the group chat.

Facebook groups are the main source of marketing for many marketers and usually the process that marketer have to provide enough value or content on the group which essentially build trust with people that generate sales for their clients.

For the users on mobile devices, you will have to install the messenger app on the platform.

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