How To Edit/Delete Twitter Tweets 2021- With FAQ

In this blog post, we are going to explain how you can post an edited or revised version of the existing tweet.

In order to do so, you have to delete it and post an edited version, cause Twitter does not allow you to “edit” tweets.

So we have compiled this content in a step-by-step guide, you can easily follow this guide on PC, it will also work on IOS, Android, and Mac systems.

How To Delete the Twitter Tweets

Usually, users want to delete the tweets cause they don’t want them anymore on their feed, if you don’t want it on your feet follow here:

  • Open the Twitter website and log in to your account.
  • Have multiple profiles then select the profile for which you want to revise the tweet.
  • Navigate to the tweet you want to remove and tap on the drop-arrow icon located at the right side of the tweet post.
  • Select the “Delete” option.
  • Popup window will open, select “Delete” again.
  • Done.


Post A Edited/Revised Version of the Tweet

When it comes to posting a revised version of the Tweet, you can simply copy and paste the old tweet with the necessary changes, follow the following:

  • Open the Twitter website and login into your account.
  • In the selected profile, navigate to the tweet you want to delete and revise.
  • Copy all the content of the tweet and paste it on the new tweet post.
  • After pasting the content make necessary changes and corrections.
  • After the content is ready, click on the “Tweet” button to post the edited tweet.
  • Done.


Why doesn’t Twitter allow you to edit your Tweets?

If Twitter provided the editing option on the platform, it would affect the user experience like when users re-tweet.
It would reflect the changes in the context, there would no technical issues about this but it would create problems in the re-tweeting feature.
One example is when website owners embed the tweets on their website if the users change or edit the tweets. It will affect the embedded tweet in the content, it could easily change the context and meaning of the tweets and also can jeopardize the intent on the website.

Another thing is Twitter values, Twitter is all about sharing thoughts in limited words, the platform doesn’t want somebody to change their thoughts and word later.

It also compromises the integrity of the written word, Twitter tweets are linked together with the complex and long thread of conversation among leaders and celebrities.
And if one can change the context of the tweet it can change the whole meaning of the conversation.

How Do I edit an existing tweet?

The simple way to do that is to delete the original tweet, copy and paste the tweets into the new tweet post, make the necessary changes, and press the tweet button.

Does deactivating Twitter delete tweets?

If your account is deactivated for longer than 30 days, all your data and accounts will be deleted. You can always login back in within the period of 30 days, and you can use the platform easily.
However, Twitter cannot do anything about the content and screenshots that were indexed by the search engines and archive by the websites.

You can always choose to go private instead of deactivating the account. When you make your account private only your followers can access your tweets

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