3 Ways Insert Degree Symbols In Google Docs 2021

Google Docs provides users with varieties of symbols to insert into their documents, which really helps users creating written documents. Users use degree symbols for denoting temperature, arc, angle, and more.

This side of google docs is useful for students of science & math, can use these symbols in their derivation of functions and also when writing theory about physics and organic chemistry.

Now long story short we are going to show you how you can insert the degree symbols in google docs. We discuss a couple of methods in this article for you to follow:

#. By Using Your Keyboard For Symbols In Google Docs

In this method, we can use the shortcut buttons on the keyboard for inserting degree symbols or just any symbols you want for instance. We have to use a keyboard to insert which makes it an easy and efficient way to insert symbols in your content or theoretical derivations.

To Insert The Degree Symbol In Keyboard Windows

  • Open Your Google Docs and login with your Gmail id.
  • To insert the symbols on the particular space, just place your cusror in any blank space and click the left button and your cursor will start blinking, which tells you that you can now insert anything from the keyboard.
  • Now Press Alt +0176 or Alt+248 on the keyword to insert the degree option, at same time make sure to “On” the num lock on the keyword to enable the numberic keys.
  • Done.

To Insert The Degree Symbol In Keyboard Mac

  • In Mac, we have use the key called “Option” to inset the degree symbol directly by using the keyboard.
  • Simply press the option+shift+8 on the keyboard.
  • Done.

To Insert The Degree Symbol In Keyboard Chromebook

  • In chromebook, you can use the CTRL+Shift+U+00B0 and you will have degree symbol insert in the blank space.
  • Done.

#. By Using Special Character Option From Insert Menu

In this method, we have to use the special character option by clicking the “Insert” tab in the top header. Google docs also provide various types of symbols in the table, these symbols include symbols from various languages includes mathematical symbols.

You can easily search for symbols in the search bar as shown and it will provide you with the required result to insert it in the document.

Special Character Option
  • Open Your Google Docs and login with your Gmail id.
  • Tap on “Insert” tab present at the top left corner of the screen in toolbar header and the drop-down will open.
  • Click on the “Special Characters” option from the upper toolbar, and the symbols windows will open as popup, where you can search about any symbol.
  • Now, as you type your symbol name in the search bar, the symbols will filter and return, there will some symbols result in the windows which you can choose.
  • The other way to search for symbols is to draw a symbol on drawing box as you see in the screenshot, you can use the drawing method when you don’t know the name of the symbol but you have some idea about its shape.
  • As you draw some shapes in the box, searches will appear according to that shapes and easily select the shape you want to insert.
  • Third way to search for symbol is by using the three drop-downs available on the top of the search windows.
    • Categories : This allow you to choose between Category & Search result.
    • Symbol : In this you will have all kinds of symbols with different option in the drop-down.
    • Arrow : These section provide all types of arrows in the drop-down menu.
  • Now type “degree” in the search bar and tap enter button and searches will be presented according to the search. All the symbols you see in the screenshot below are displaced when we type “degree” term in the search bar.
  • After searching put your cursor in a blank space where you want to insert the symbol.
  • Simply choose the symbols from the search result to insert in the document, degree symbol also comes in varity, so you choose from the different ones.
  • One done, click on “Cross” button to close the windows.
  • Done.

#. By Using Preferences Option

In this method, we are going to use the preference option to insert degree symbols in Google Docs, we simply want to change the preference Google docs, that every time you enter or type any symbol it will automatically get converted into a degree symbol.

With this your efficiency of working and using the degree symbol will increase by 10x, you can complete more tasks in less time because now you simply don’t have to worry about the ° symbols.

Preferences Option
  • Open Your Google Docs and login with your Gmail id.
  • Click on the “Tools” tab located in the upper toolbar header as shown in the screenshot.
  • Select the “Preferences” option from the list.
  • New windows will open, where you can select from General or Substitution.
  • Click on “Substitution” tab in the preference windows, here you have two coloum
    • Replace : Insert any symbol that you want to replace with degree symbol.
    • With: Here insert the degree symbol.
  • Now enter the symbol that you want to replace with degree symbol, you can use the symbol that have does not have regular requirement in the work and replace it with degree symbol.
  • For example, we have enter the letter “D” in the “Replace” box.
  • To enter degree symbol in “With” box, copy CTRL+C the degree sign from the document by using the above method and paste it by CTRL+V in the “With” box.
  • After it done, click on Ok button.
  • Done.

Now following the above steps whenever you type the letter “D” it will be automatically replaced with the ° symbol.

Insert Degree Celsius Symbol In Google Docs

To insert the celsius degree symbol, you can use any of the above methods like

  • You can draw celesius symbol on the drawing box and character, windows will come with some similar symbols or if drawn correctly.
  • You can also type the search term “degree” in th search box and result will also include the celesius symbol.
  • Or Simply use the Keyword shortcut “ALT+0176” for the windows.
  • Done.

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